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Canadian Halloween Twitter Central has been created exclusively for Halloween Fans who would enjoy and benefit from using social networking platforms to enhance their Halloween experience.

Share your Halloween experiences with like mined individuals in your province or across Canada. Our Halloween Twitter groups are perfect for instant reviews and updates on Halloween Products, Haunted Attractions, Halloween Events, and for Line-Up Status Reports.

Canadian Halloween Twitter Central offers 15 groups presented by province, territory, and one Canada wide group. Just click on a flag icon in the navigation menu to select your preferred Twitter group. Once you have landed on a Halloween Twitter Group page, you will be able to view current Tweets, share content, or participate in the conversation.

You will also notice a Facebook icon on each Halloween Twitter group page. We are in the process of creating a corresponding Facebook group for each Halloween Twitter group for a complete interactive social media experience. This will enable you to post pictures and videos along with in depth discussions that go beyond the Twitter text limitations. This will also provide us with the opportunity to evolve, based on your feedback and suggestions, in order to better serve the Canadian Halloween Community.



Canadian Halloween Twitter Central



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